Music and Audio Production services

Custom Music Production and Composition

London, UK

Steve Gregory Music offers affordable music and production services across all genres and styles.

We specialise in custom production for TV, film, media, advertising, and singers/songwriters. We have local and in-house producers, musicians, mix engineers, song writers and vocalists who are specialists in their fields and able to play every instrument you need. 

Our network of specialist professionals include award winning and chart topping producers in the UK, Australia, and USA. We can deliver a unique composition played by a full orchestra for your next feature film, or a sound effect for your computer game. Get in touch to find out how we can help you!

Latest Release

Teardrop by Massive Attack

Our first showcase using the incredible capabilities of a full symphony orchestra. Shot in Paris, and recorded around the world with musicians from New York, LA, London, Australia, and Hungary. 


Latest News

Symphony Orchestra Recordings

This month we have been working on an epic recording project, with over 100 people involved. Bringing together some of the best professional musicians from Australia, Europe, and America to record for the band Red Mercury. The music video was shot in France and will be released soon. 

Bond University Feature

Recently Bond University wrote a feature here on my tech and musical journey over the past few decades. Very nice to be recognised by my university!

Lockdown is over!

Matthew Grey Mastering

After more than two long years, we were finally able to travel again. This was an opportunity to visit friends and family in Australia. One highlight was a visit to Matt Grey, who has been working with us from his studio in Brisbane for more than 20 years. An absolutely world class facility in every way. Highly recommend Matt for any mastering work you need!

Studio Upgrades

Analog super synth

This month we completed our secondary modular synthesizer rack. Our primary rack features analog oscillators and sound modification tools, whilst the new one is orientated towards drums and effects. This new rack features Strymon's new Starlab reverb, and a set of analog drum modules from Latvian eurorack wizards Erica Synths. Look forward to hearing this on upcoming tracks.

Battle of Hastings Reenactment

October was an opportunity for a personal project. After returning from viewing the amazing battle reenactment, we cut together the footage and created an orchestral score to underpin it. The full film can be found in our video examples.

Modular Modular Modular

Sounds like you've never heard

It's no secret how much we love synthesizers, and Steve has quite a collection of vintage gear. Over lockdown we nerded out by building the ultimate eurorack synthesizer, featuring analog filters, oscillators, sequencers, and modifiers. This gives us incredible flexibility found sound design, with an ability to stream content straight out of the computer and process it through the analog rig. 

Commissioned music for Ravenpack, New York

Gaining access to copyright free library music in exactly the style you require can be quite a challenge.

We were commissioned to provide custom music for a high profile New York corporate hedge fund conference. The requirement was for music that had a sense of excitement and built anticipation, whilst respecting the financial nature of the conference. Examples given were Apple and Adobe keynote events.

The end result was a suite of music of various lengths and styles. This was made available as outright ownership, so can be used across multiple media and in different situations.